patient rights statement

Shams Hospital patient rights statement

1-The patient's right to obtain the best medical services

The patient's right to obtain the best medical services These services must be respectful, honest, fair, prompt and non-discriminatory.

Conditions specific to the patient (deaf, children, foreign languages, etc.) consideration.It should be based on current knowledge, patient benefits and adequate facilities and conditions, free from pain and suffering.

In emergency situations, the obligation to cover costs is waived or provided they are transferred to other appropriate centers.

2-Information must be provided to the patient accurately and in sufficient quantity

Information includes:
  • Possible costs
  • Covered coverage
  • Health care worker names and responsibilities
  • Patient rights provisions
  • Weaknesses, strengths, potential side effects of treatments and explanations about alternative treatments
  • Physician's approach
  • Needs training related to the disease
  • Informative images on file

3-The patient's right to freedom of choice and decision must be respected.

The patient has the right to choose in the following cases:
  • Ask to choose the attending physician and proceed if possible
  • Choose a center that provides diagnosis and treatment services and get a second opinion as a counselor
  • Consult the researcher
  • Accept or decline the proposed treatment after learning other than emergencies as determined by the doctor
  • Sufficient time to make decisions and choices, if not There is danger

4-The principles of confidentiality and patient privacy must be respected.

The patient's privacy must be respected and the necessary facilities provided for this purpose. Only the patient, treatment team and legally authorized persons have access to patient information. Patients have the right to be accompanied by a trusted person during the diagnosis, unless it is contrary to medical necessity.

5-Access to an effective complaints management system is the patient's right.

Patients have the right to file a complaint with the competent authority in the event of a violation of their rights, without affecting the quality of the services they receive, and at the same time to report the results of their complaint to the competent authority. same time. after investigation.

"Respect for the rights of employees on behalf of customers, in order to obtain proportionate services, is inevitable."

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