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Shams Hospital's International Patient Department

Shams Hospitals Group offers a variety of services to international patients.

The Department of International Patients (IPD) manages the examination, diagnosis and treatment of international patients and also ensures an enjoyable stay in single or double rooms, the first in Iran in a completely separate area and floor from other faculties.

Shams Hospital team has obtained official and international certificates to comply with international standards of medical service. So you can trust and choose these hospitals to ensure that you get the best medical and surgical services and enjoy the many attractions of Urmia.

It is important to remember that the cost of our medical services is very difficult to compete with other private hospitals in Iran, as well as other clinics and hospitals in the Middle East, while Shams Hospitals Group has a first-class medical facility and provides it with first-class healthcare services as per the standards International Medical.


IPD Team
IPD Physicians:
IPD Nurse:
IPD Expert:

  • Patient visits within the first hour of hospitalization

  • Arrange to go to the doctor and take the first order

  • Coordinating with the head of the department in the nursing office to carry out paraclinical procedures and timely consultation of patients.

  • Daily patient visits

  • Organization and management of electronic systems on the hospital website to support electronic records

  • Cooperates with the attending physician to prepare patient records and documents in English

  • Identify potential emergencies for a patient within 24 hours

  • Give the patient adequate information on how to make a complaint


  • stay continuously in a patient's area in the world

  • Welcome to the international patient when you arrive at the hospital

  • Offering the necessary information for the person's employer and the work of work and entry

  • Make processing necessary to accept the international patient at hospital

  • Talk to the doctor and doctor of the Ipd Hospital

  • mistake and introducing the international patients in international hospital area

  • help in the international relationship and health workers and employees at work during hospital

  • doing the importance of the hospital to support and make a lesson of the international disease

  • Examination and more satisfaction of the international patient when you are at the hospital

  • Do the necessary items in schedule

  • make an important processing and quality company

  • Registration of the International Disagree with Health Services


  • Taxi Services
  • ATMs

  • Ambulance Emergency Services

  • Audio-visual

  • Copy and Printing Machines

  • Flower Shop

  • Internet Access

  • Supermarket

  • Coffee Shop

  • Translators in several languages such as English, Turkish, azerbaijan, and Kurdish

  • VIP Rooms


On request we can arrange to serve our customers in the best hotels in Urmia because your comfort is very important to us.

It is important to remember that the cost of our medical services is very difficult to compete with other private hospitals in Iran as well as other clinics and hospitals in the Middle East, while the hospitals affiliated with Irfan Group have medical facilities around. Modern and provide first-class medical services in accordance with international medical standards.

You can contact an IPD specialist for an estimated cost of your treatment. The IPD specialist will discuss and review your case with a financial advisor in this department and provide you with an approximate cost of treatment and accommodation. Estimated costs for some services globally are also given in different sections of our website (access estimated medical costs for international patients in 2020).

Row Type of Service Fees (IR Rials)
1 1st day inpatient visit 4.500.000
2 2st day inpatient visit 4.000.000
3 Discharge visit 4.000.000
5 Inpatient consultation 5.000.000
6 General physician outpatient visit 2.000.000
7 Specialist physician outpatient visit 2.500.000
8 Subspecialist physician outpatient visit 3.000.000
9 Subspecialist psychiatrist outpatient visit 4.500.000
10 Patient’s companion stay in the hospital (per 24 hours) 25.000.000
11 Medications and consumable medical supplies Consumer Price

In addition to providing high-quality medical care at a very low cost in Iran, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient wonders of northwest Iran, as well as the Caspian Sea coast and the beautiful forests of northern Iran and enjoy Iranian life, culture, art and the friendly morals of the Iranian people.

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Shams Urmia Hospital was built in 2006 with 2,056 square meters of land and 7,400 square meters of equipment to provide quality medical services to clients. The hospital is also built according to the latest international standards in the field of medical tourism, IPD is ready to provide medical services to patients from neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nakhchivan, Iraq and Turkey. The hospital has modern medical equipment and uses the latest world advancements in hospital information management systems.

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